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      Proudly Australian owned, Sparkle Realm is a conscious beauty brand that aims to make a difference. 

      Partnering with experts, we have introduced effective luxury, spa-worthy products, crafted from natural high quality ingredients that are free from harmful chemical substances and synthetics.  Ethically produced in Australia, our skincare and tea products are 100% naturally plant derived, organic, vegan, cruelty-free and in sustainable packaging.

      Our rich ingredients are sourced across our earth’s landscape, with Australia’s amazing botanicals featuring as standouts in our formulations.

      Our products are clean and sophisticated and formulated for those who want a natural, yet effective alternative to combat the signs of ageing.

      We promise, once you begin using what nature intended, you will never look back!

      Our story

      Over recent times we have come to realise that progress made in many areas has come at a price - significant impact on our planet and people.  

      Our desire to make conscious decisions around how we live our lives has become our true north.

      Knowing we are surrounded by a wonderful landscape in Australia and beyond, and the opportunity to influence a better way, Sparkle Realm was born.  It has been a long journey of researching, trialling and working with specialists to bring the finest products to the beauty market.

      We are reimagining a world where we can harness our natural nourishing resources in aid of clean, fresh and healthy looking skin. A world where products are lovingly made with uncompromising quality and with respect for our environment, people and animals. 

      Instilling the importance of self-care is also important in our busy lifestyles. We want to take you on a journey away from it all.

      A note from our founder

      On skin health

      I’ve always struggled with my skin, in particular as a teen with acne. Over the years I’ve tried many lotions to treat my acne and creams in an effort to avoid premature ageing as you do. My skin has always had some form of reaction to the products and I cringe at the thought of what damage I've done to my skin as a result.  This is what inspired me to find a solution to what I’m certain would resonate with many others.

      On wellness

      Having spent my professional career in the corporate world, I've experienced first hand, how intense and incredibly demanding it can be. Whilst our careers or lifestyles may be rewarding, taking time out for yourself is crucial. We live in a fast-faced world and if I’ve learned anything, it’s to stop, appreciate the simple things in life and practise self-care and reflection.

      My journey here with Sparkle Realm has been nothing short of a labour of love. I hope you too, embrace your true-north and find time to slow down, indulge in the pampering your deserve, with conscious skincare that will make you feel good inside and out!

      I’m proud to bring you these irresistible products. They’ve become my cult favourites and I hope they become yours too. Marilyn x

      Our vision

      Our vision is to introduce the world to luxury beauty products made with pure active natural ingredients, including Australia’s rich and rare botanicals – nature’s gifts to us. We want to instil the importance of self-care in this fast-paced worldAnd we want to contribute to the world in being a better place through ethical standards and consideration for our wonderful planet.  

      See our Philosophy Learn more